Environmental Logistics

Energetic has sealed tractor/end dump trucks to transport all solid wastes from drill cuttings to contaminated solids from spills.   All the owner operators are highly skilled, and the equipment meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

Bulk Sawdust Transport

Energetic services provides walking floor units for the transportation of bulk products including sawdust, wood chips and hog fuel with the ability to high pile when unloading or spread material as needed. These units can carry up to 110m3 of product in a single trip.

End Dumps

Energetic Services provides professional personnel to transport contaminated soil and invert drill cuttings to approved landfill facilities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and North Eastern British Columbia. Energetic’s environmental units are equipped with end-gate seals and locks, as well as cramaro tarps to ensure the safe transportation of contaminated waste to the disposal facility. Each unit is capable of hauling 27 tonnes of contaminated product.