Our Story

Energetic Services Inc. is committed to consistently providing our customers a premium service.

In 1996 a small group of fluid hauling Owner Operators joined together and formed Energetic Services. Each of them owned and operated their own trucks as individual business people but they knew that if they worked together and created a company built on the principles of fairness, high standards and integrity, it would stand out against the competition. As experienced Owner Operators, they also knew that they provided significantly more value than any competing company running its own trucks with junior drivers.

Those two features together are what made Energetic completely unique amongst service companies: A corporate commitment to ensuring fairness, high standards and integrity plus strictly 100% owner operated equipment – no company trucks with junior operators. The years that have passed since those early days have seen expansion, fleet growth and diversification, but we’re still the same company operating on the same principles and we continue to deliver value that is unsurpassed by any competitor.

We now have active and growing bases of operation located strategically across Western Canada, each providing a wide range of products and services to oil & gas, mining, petrochemical and general industry. Clients are invited to browse through our website or contact us directly to find out how we can help you.

Are you an experienced Owner Operator? We’re growing! New areas of operation, new additions to our fleet, new products and services. If you’re tired of competing with company owned equipment and you see the value in being part of a stable, value-added service company, then contact us. You’ll be glad you did.