Wood Products

Energetic Services SawdustEnergetic Services SawdustEnergetic offers two highly absorbent packaged wood products for the oil & gas, environmental and agricultural industries. For oil & gas drilling operations, the products are used as loss circulation material or for mixing off drill cuttings. The environmental business uses these products for absorbing excess fluid in a variety of applications and the agricultural business uses the products for lining animal pens and ground cover. The products include:

  • Shavings – curly shavings like what you’d see coming off of a sharp whittling knife or planer.
  • Sawdust – like what you’d see coming off of a dull chainsaw (small particles).

All materials are kiln dried and screened to ensure maximum absorbency and consistency. Our products are dry, clean and uniform.

Shavings & Sawdust are available in two packages:

Energetic Services Sawdustenergetic_sawdust_5






  • Palletized 1m3 poly weave, moisture resistant totes with lifting straps and Velcro opening
  • Palletized 3.5 cubic foot plastic bags, 40 bags per pallet, shrink wrapped.

Both products are compacted tightly when packaged to minimize transportation expense and on site storage space. The volume expands approximately 5 times the packaged volume when fluffed up after being unpackaged. Product is protected from moisture and wind while awaiting use on your site.
Totes or bags are available in any number. Prices are per tote or bag. Contact your Area Manager for pricing. Energetic delivers the products anywhere for competitive delivery fees. Energetic will collect used bags and pallets for re-use, and will credit undamaged returned product less a small restocking fee.



Energetic Services SawdustEnergetic Services also provides walking floor units for the transportation of bulk sawdust, wood chips and hog fuel with the ability to high pile or spread when unloading. These units carry up to 110m3 of product in a single trip. Energetic keeps inventories of quality bulk wood products across our entire operational area. We are nearby and ready to deliver at prices that keep you on budget.